Our services


Starter Package
Don’t know where to start?
Need some help starting off on the basics?
-   Original face to face consultation with a professional wedding planner
-   Discuss what you’re looking for and find the suppliers which will meet your needs
-   We will return to you with a selection of appropriate vendors, leaving you with the final decisions and initiative of booking 
-   $150 for the main consultation and $50 for follow up meetings

Essential Assistance Package
Have you begun planning at least three aspects of your wedding?
Need help with the rest until the big day?
-               Initial face to face consult to discuss what needs to be done
-               Unlimited calls and emails
-               Planner to make recommendations of vendors, continue organisation and make  final arrangements and ongoing communications with vendors
-               Continuing consultations to converse with couple throughout and finalise arrangements
(Does not include on wedding day coordination)
-   $1000 (deposit of $500 needed two weeks prior)

Complete Wedding Planner
Your essential needs are met from your engagement to wedding day
-   Initial consultation to meet couple, discuss vision, priorities and goals for their wedding
-   Unlimited consultation by phone call or email throughout planning
-   Design and keep to detailed budget for couple
-   Discuss, refer and locate desired vendors to couple, receive their discounts, book and continue to converse, confirm schedules and be the point of contact up to wedding day
-   Manage guest list and seating arrangements
-   Offer recommendations on accommodation for couple and guests
-   Assist on stationary, decorations and wedding day theming decisions  
-   Optional: attend dress fittings, cake tasting, venue selecting, DJ/band demos etc
-   Offering of continual support, suggestions and reminders during engagement
-   Design wedding day running sheet and distribute to all vendors and bridal party
-   Direct and supervise wedding rehearsal
-   Attend, supervise, delegate and ensure the smooth running of the ceremony including the appropriate set up of the ceremony, the arrival of guests and bridal party, final checks of ushers, musicians and celebrants, cue processional and recessionals, provide directions to couple/photographer etc, ensure their safe departure, pack up ceremony
-   Oversee the set up and decorating of the reception, welcoming guests, communicating with bridal party and musicians for their entrance, keeping to schedule, coordinating the caterers, photographer and musician throughout the night, communicating with couple, ensuring theirs and their guests safe departure and the clean up and pack up of the reception venue
-   10% of total wedding cost

  Wedding Day Decorator
     Organised everything but someone to set up…
     Looking for someone to do the work for you?
-         One face to face consultation to discuss what is required to be done on the day
-         Unlimited phone calls and emails
-         Complete wedding day set up and pack up consisting of all ceremony and reception needs
-         $400

Wedding Day Coordinator
Need someone to oversee all of the decisions when you’re not there?
Seeking assurance that everything will get done?
-         Face to face consultation one week prior to wedding to discuss the arrangements made and timing of the day, and one weeks worth of unlimited emails and phones calls
-         Whole day coordination
-         Supervises, manages and assists in the ceremony set up, organisation, pack up as well as the reception set up, organisation and pack up
-         Create and distribute to vendors and bridal party the wedding day and reception timeline
-         Supervise the processional and recessional and introduction sequences
-         Communicate with all vendors during ceremony and reception and distribute instructions, payments and gratitude’s
-         $650


Party package
Planning a birthday party, an engagement, a farewell, an anniversary, a baby shower?
Don’t know where to begin?
-         Initial face to face consultations of what is desired for the party, and the set budget, and up to three hours of phone and email consultations
-         Planner to communicate optional vendors for client to choose from
-         Create and stay within budget
-         Arrangements, bookings, confirmations and all consultations with vendors are done by the planner
-         A time schedule is designed for the party, and distributed to appropriate people
-         25 people or less attending $200
-         26 people or more attending $350
(Optional: Planner to be present on day/set up party and decorate at a rate of $45 per hour)

Formal packages  

Formal organising
Confused on where to go to get the princess treatment?
Be swept off your feet with this plan for you package
-         Face to face consultations of what you want for your formal
-         Planner to distribute the best options available at the best prices to client
-         After consultation, planner books appropriate appointments at the lowest rates at the most convenient and desired of times
-         $100


Proposal Assistance
Wanting to propose and have an incredible idea, but just don't know how to carry it out?
-         We can help provide ideas, set up the proposal site and bring the desired materials without her even knowing!
-         Unlimited email consultation
-         One face to face consultation included in price
-         $80